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  1. BulletThe Lost Shield (2019) - Stefano has been hired to compose the music for the film The Lost Shield, written, directed and interpreted by Anthony Michael Hall. read more

  1. BulletMy Lunch With The President (2017) - Stefano has been hired to score a feature-length documentary, My Lunch With The President, directed by Kelly Richard Olsen.

  1. BulletSonora Soundtrack Film Festival (2014) - “Best Original Score” for the short movie Amalia, directed by Biagio Fersini. read more

  1. BulletLife Changes Network (2014) - Live radio interview - February 17, 2014. read more

  1. BulletHARC Foundation (2013) - Stefano is the recipient of the 2013 HARC Foundation Award in Music Composition (Instrumental). read more

  1. BulletL’Homme Sans Musique (2013) - Stefano scored the short movie, L’Homme Sans Musique, directed by Stefano Arduino. read more

  1. BulletStreet Singer (2013) - Stefano scored the short movie, Street Singer, directed by Miro Macala.

  1. BulletAmalia (2012) - Stefano scored the short movie, Amalia, directed by Biagio Fersini.

  1. BulletSong of the Land (2012) - The Butler Opera Center (Austin, Texas) has commissioned an opera that will premiere during the 2014/2015 season. The title is Song of the Land. Ulia Popova, author of the short story on which Song of the Land is based, has been appointed to write the libretto.

  1. BulletBoy In The Void (2012) - Stefano scored the short movie, Boy In The Void, directed by Miro Macala. read more

  1. BulletRoad To Juarez (2012) - On March 2012, Stefano scored 20+ scenes of the movie, Road To Juarez, directed by David DeLeon. read more

  1. BulletTonight Show With Jay Leno (2011) - On November 10th, 2011 Stefano conducted a 30 pieces orchestra, accompanying the operatic pop group Il Divo, who were promoting their latest album, Wicked Game, released on November 4th, 2011.

  1. BulletPlácido Domingo with The Duets and Amore Infinito: Songs Inspired… read more

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