Stefano Tomaselli

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Stefano Tomaselli is an Italian composer based in Los Angeles.
He started his musical career at the age of nine, when he began studying piano with Professor Antonio Ranalli, student of Ferruccio Busoni. His journey as a student culminated with a Master’s Degree in Composition under the guidance of Maestro Alessandro Cusatelli. He also studied Organ with Professor Biondi, Violin with Professor Alessandra Albo and Drums and Percussion with Professor Messina.

Since he relocated to the US with the assistance of Academy Award winning composer Bill Conti, he has been collaborating on several projects with world-renowned tenor Plácido Domingo. His collaboration with the Maestro brought him to the attention of the Butler Opera Center in Austin (Texas), who commissioned him an Opera.

Stefano also writes music for the silver screen; he scored “Boy in the Void”, directed by Miroslav Macala (2012), “L’Homme Sans Musique”, directed by Stefano Arduino (2013) and “Amalia”, directed by Biagio Fersini (“Best Original Score” at the “Sonora Soundtrack Film Festival”, 2014), “Road To Juarez”, directed by David De Leon (2015) and “Lyudmila”, directed by Biagio Fersini (2015).

Stefano also collaborated on the soundtrack of "Anomalisa", directed by Duke Johnson and Charlie Kaufman (2015), Oscar Nominated in the category of "Animated Feature Film".

In addition to creating music, Stefano is also an avid formula race car driver. He has participated in race events across Europe.


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